"Your twenties aren’t about finding a man to love you, but finding something to love. Focus on your career, your hobbies, your passions. Start to love yourself before you can think about finding the love of someone else. Because your twenties are about loving yourself and your thirties are about spreading that love."

Enjoy yourself, love yourself. Love your life and be happy :)

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Favorite, absolute favorite. Love yourself.

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I think in this generation women feel like they need to be feminists or be independent, I have a feeling if a guy tries to pay for something girls tend to overthink, like “what if he thinks I’m not independent” or “maybe he will look at differently if Iet him pay” I think girls in this generation feel like they need to defend themselves thus not allowing guys to pay or be gentlemen yet we turn around and complain how guys aren’t gentlemans but when do we give them a chance when we constantly try to defend our independence? What happened to us?

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